foto biografie

Stefan van Reine, a talented DJ/producer, better known as DJ Stylentho, was born on December 15 1993 in The Netherlands. He grew up in The Hague, The Netherlands, the city where he started his career at the age of fifteen. Working with the program Virtual DJ and watching many different DJ movies on YouTube gave him the inspiration to start off. Soon after that he bought his own DJ set which allowed him to dj at small parties and simultaneously developing himself as an all-round DJ. Purchasing his Pioneer set gave him the opportunity to focus more on clubs and bigger parties.

At the age of 16 Stylentho started dj’ing at school parties at the Christelijk Lyceum Delft and has become the local resident DJ since then. After a while others also became aware of Stylentho his DJ skills and thus invited him to dj at several company events, or clubs such as the Hollywood Music Hall, Speakers, Teejater, BioBio Chersonissos and many more.
Since 2013 Stylentho has been developing himself as a producer while working on his own tracks. His style can best be described as house with a eclectic style. Through his passion, enthusiasm, and work-hard mentality, Stylentho hopes to achieve his dream; performing at big parties and festivals all over the world.

His interaction with the audience, mixing skills and his eclectic shows allows Stylentho to turn each single performance into success.